Puffed rice is the most popular & loved street food of Mangalore and Udupi region. It is also called as Charmuri in Mangalore. 100 g Charmuri MAsala 2Charmuri recipe is an instant dish which can be prepared by  mixing chopped vegetables with puffed rice. A traditional puffed rice is made by heating rice in a sand filled owen. Puffed rice is known as mandakki in Karnataka and kurlari in Mangalore region. Puffed rice is also used in bhel puri & also in some chivda recipes. Spice level of this recipe can be as per personal taste. 

Prepare Charmuri with Nayak's Charmuri Masala and enjoy it with your family. 

Nayak's Charmuri Masala is available in 100gms & 500gms  packets.